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Ever dreamed of being a local hero, a genius, a fighter, a scientist and an adventurer? Make that dream come true in the fascinating world of SwatzZapz where you will protect a village being infested with super-evil insects escaped from a lab!  

SwatzZapz is surely going to be your all-time favorite insects game! Each addictive match gives you an opportunity to experience new tools & gadgets as weapons and magical power-ups.  

Your missions in SwatzZapz 

There are four main missions in SwatzZapz, the cutest insects game in 2023. They are all challenging and addictive in their own ways. You will need to pass them all to move to higher levels and stages. Each game brings you closer to achieving the ultimate victory against the pesky insects and eliminate them once and for all! 

In the first type of mission of swatting flies, you will need to protect the food and living creatures from irritating insects without hurting good insects. The second type of mission is called Catching Fireflies and it is both so cute and exciting to play! The name of this mission is pretty self-explanatory: Your objective is to catch enough firefly in order to provide lights for the village. The third type of mission you will encounter in SwatzZapz is called Feeding the Ladybug! In this mission, you shall guide the ladybug to eat as much aphids as possible so they can be healthy and help protect the ecosystem. And that’s not all, we have a bonus mission for you! In these matching game, you will have the opportunity to train your brain power in the teaser game by matching insects in pairs! Keep on playing this game and you will certainly improve your memorization skills! 

How to master your SwatzZapz Flies Game 

Your key focus in this type of challenge is to make sure that no fly will land on the food on table. However, pay attention to the flies’ locations when you swat them! You DO NOT want dead flies on your food, do you? Make sure to kill them without letting them drop onto the food! If you need to terminate the flies more effectively, try using the Zapper to cause heavier damage to the flies! You can use this weapon on a single fly for each use. Important tip: We know you will get annoyed when the Fly Boss triggers the shield too much. However, don’t hit the Fly Boss more than 2 times continuously, and take a short break before going for the next 2 hits. 

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